Instruction to Authors

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Cure&Care welcomes the submission of non-promotional educational resources in the fields of neonatology, intensive care, anaesthesiology and perioperative medicine. The educational materials will be made available to healthcare professionals via the portal in order to support them during their daily practice. All materials will be peer reviewed by the relevant Editorial Board prior to acceptance.

Types of resources that can be submitted:

  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

How to submit an educational resource

Send the proposed educational resource to with a brief explanation of what the resource is and how you think it will be of benefit to the Cure&Care community.

* Please note, that all copyright permissions should be obtained prior to submission.

What happens next?

1. AXON will coordinate the peer review of the educational resource and then liaise with the author to confirm any suggested amends or questions coming out of this peer review

2. The final approved educational resource will be added to Cure&Care




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