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Under guidance of the appointed Editors-in-Chief and Editorial Boards, Cure&Care: Journal of Neonatal Intensive Care and Cure&Care: Journal of Perioperative Medicine are published online bi-annually. Each journal aims to provide practical advice on key clinical issues, tackle controversial topics on which a consensus is needed, and highlight clinical concerns that need to be addressed in clinical practice. The scope and content of the journals is solely dictated by the Editors-in-Chief and Editorial Boards. However, input from the Cure&Care community will also guide the content of future issues and ensures that the content provides topical and relevant guidance and insights to physicians working in the fields of neonatal intensive care and perioperative medicine.

The inaugural edition of Cure&Care: Journal of Neonatal Intensive Care contains articles focusing on a number of controversial topics that will encourage debate among physicians in the field of neonatal intensive care. The expert opinion pieces focus on “Assessing the Newborn Circulation: What to Look Out For” and “Hospital-Acquired Infections in the NICU: Are we Doing Enough?” The clinical case studies are “A Case of Haemorrhagic Enterocolitis and Neutropaenia in a Preterm Infant Undergoing Ganciclovir Treatment for Congenital CMV Infection” and “Initial Management Challenges in a Neonate with VACTERL Syndrome”. The news stories and expert interview cover a diverse range of topics, including the use of steroids in preterm babies, congenital heart defects screening, and overcoming ethical dilemmas in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). To read any of these articles, click here.

The inaugural edition of the Cure&Care: Journal of Perioperative Medicine focuses on lung protection and includes expert opinion pieces on patient-ventilator interactions, the management of postoperative acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and protective mechanical ventilation during anaesthesia. The clinical case studies focus on patient–ventilator interaction during pressure support and proportional assist ventilation (PAV) and the use of neurally-adjusted ventilatory assist (NAVA) to overcome critical dyssynchrony. The news stories and expert interview cover a diverse range of topics, including recent developments in respiratory monitoring, novel methods of prevention and improvement of ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction and perioperative sepsis, and the use of proportional assist ventilation (PAV) and (NAVA) to combat the problem of patient–ventilator dyssynchrony.

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