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Cure&Care welcomes the submission of clinical case studies in the areas of neonatology, intensive care and perioperative medicine authored by healthcare practitioners in the field that wish to inform their peers and champion clinical best practice.

The searchable Cure&Care case study library serves as a collection of real-life examples that can be referred to by healthcare practitioners facing similar situations in their clinical practice. The clinical case studies should provide provide informative and practical examples of challenging patient scenarios, detailing the chosen clinical approach and the final outcome.

All submitted case studies will be peer-reviewed, prior to publishing on the educational portal.

How to submit a case study:

1. Download and complete the case study template provided

2. Send the case study to

What happens next?

1. AXON will conduct and editorial review the case study, and confirm any changes with the author

2. AXON will coordinate the peer review of the case study, and confirm any changes / questions with the author

3. The final approved case study will be added to the Cure&Care case study library

Download the case study template:

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